Winter Cover Crop Demo Saturday

nakedfarmerAt 9:00 this Saturday (Nov. 15), Garden Board member Tom Krempa will present a short discussion and demonstration of planting a winter cover crop and will answer questions. Cover crops, which help re-nourish the soil for spring planting, can still go in if planted within the next few weeks. Just in case you missed it earlier, here’s a link to a brief article on cover crops.

The demonstration will be held in plot 71, which is in the upper right corner (as you enter the main gate) of the garden. Hope to see you there!

A Water Wise Gardener…

Our very own Pam Stearns from Plot 41 shared some great information, and a helpful article, about the benefits of cutting back on watering this time of year, especially in a time of drought like we are having now.

Speaking of watering….The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday edition Food/Home & Garden section had a concise item about watering.

What it says is that we likely water more than our veggies need. For sure they need steady moisture after seeds and seedlings are put in (except many beans will rot if ground is too wet), but most veggies do quite well with less frequent watering as they mature, Some fruits, such as tomatoes, are much improved by withholding water once they are established.

This season I pulled the water away from half of my tomatoes. The fruit from these plants were far superior to the ones which I could not stop watering because of their “upstream” location. Those with continued water were rather mushy and had less flavor.

—Pam Stearns, Plot 41

Update! Greenwaste Overflow

Hey, fellow gardeners,

Several folks have commented that while we certainly need a refuse site, having it right at the front gate makes entering the garden not nearly as pleasant (who wants to face a mound of weeds first thing?). The thought had been that up front would make for easy hauling away, but we do realize that the aesthetics of the garden are very important. So in response to those concerns, we’ve relocated the garden waste site to plot 25. Board members Jane and Cathy prepped the new site with plastic and have posted a sign.
Another note: With the cooler days and increased moisture in the air, we’ve shifted from twice-a-day watering to once-a-day (early mornings). We don’t want to waste water, plus several gardeners have noted that their plots have been overly moist. This afternoon, Cathy walked the entire garden, checking to make sure all plots were getting enough water, and she reports that everywhere looks good.
Happy almost-autumn, everyone!
Elizabeth Renfro
Secretary, ACG Board

Labor Day Plant Sale at Alladin Nursery

Alladin NurseryThe folks over at Alladin Nursery in Watsonville let us know that they are having their annual Labor Day plant sale. Here is what they had to tell us:



Sale begins this Friday, August 29th, and runs through Tuesday, September

  • All cactus and succulents: Buy 2, get the 3rd free!
  • All 15-gallon shade trees: 35% off!
  • All Avocado and Fig trees: 25% off!

Plus, check out our huge selection of great-looking Fuchsias and Exotic 
Begonias by Michael:

  • All Michael’s Fuchsias: 50% off!
  • All Michael’s Begonias: 50% off!
  • All Angel Trumpets: 50% off!
  • All Night-Blooming Jasmine: 50% off!
  • All Salvias: 50% off!

Alladin Nursery and Gift Shop is located at 2905 Freedom Boulevard
, Watsonville, Ca 95076

*Sale applies to items in stock only

Feng Shui Class

May 4th

11am – 1pm
Class $25

Please R.S.V.P to reserve your space!
Call/email Native Revival Nursery….
we look forward to seeing you!

**All class participants receive 20% off plants day of class**


Designing & Enhancing Your Garden With Feng Shui

(Using the power of the Year: The Yang Wood Horse*)


Each year there are certain areas to enhance to gain the support of the Tai Sui
(*ruler of the year). We will focus on how to unleash the Power of the Yang Wood Horse to support us in relationship, career, health, prosperity and more.

Are you looking for love? Come learn who has the greatest opportunity to attract a mate and how to enhance your garden for romance.


Madhu is a frequent guest speaker at various events and bookstores, guest on television and radio programs and is a contributor to several publications. View for her other class dates and consultation information and receive free tips by clicking on “Newsletter sign up”.

Native Revival Nursery Coupon

Customer Rewards Coupon

$20.00 off ALL purchases

of $100 or more
Coupon good thru April 30th 2014

Native Revival Nursery

2600 Mar Vista Drive

Aptos, California 95003

Class: Edible & Medicinal Plants of Santa Cruz County

Join us for our first CLASS of the year!

Back by popular demand:

Tellur Fenner

Clinical herbalist/educator
Owner/director of Blue Wind Botanical Medicine Clinic

March 8th

10:30 – 3pm

Cost $35

R.S.V.P to Native Revival to resevre your class space!

Class Description

Edible & Medicinal Plants of Santa Cruz County

An Herb-Walk Tour of Native Revival Nursery:

From the mist shrouded sea cliffs to the lush redwood groves of its namesake mountains, the Santa Cruz area provides us with a chance to view a large variety of botanical specimens all within a relatively small geographical range. Join us as we discover together some of the amazing native edible & medicinal plants that can be found growing throughout this uniquely diverse bioregion.

Topics to be covered during our nursery tour include: field botany/plant I.D, plant family characteristics, ethical harvesting/processing/preparation methods, edible/medicinal/utilitarian uses, regional ethnobotany, botanical safety issues (plus tips on how to avoid poisonous look-a-like plants), California natural history, sampling of a variety of edible/medicinal plants, and more! Our study will emphasize a dynamic sensory awareness of the plants via close observation, touching, tasting, and smelling.

This introductory (yet in-depth) class should prove to be insightful and rewarding for anyone interested in knowing more about the flora of the Central California coast.

Native Revival Nursery

2600 Mar Vista Drive

Aptos, California 95003

Free Classes: Alladin Nursery

Good afternoon, friends!

We hope you’ll mark your calendars and join us for these great upcoming

Saturday, February 22nd, 10:00 am
Master Rosarian, Joe Truskot, of the Monterey Bay Rose Society will be
here to answer your questions and teach you how to prune and clean roses.

Saturday, February 22nd, 1:00 pm
Lloyd Cassidy of our fruit tree supplyer, L.E. Cooke, will use his 15
years of expertise to teach the basics of growing and caring for deciduous
fruit trees!

Saturday, March 29th, 1:00 pm
Don White of the Watsonville Bonsai Club will share his knowledge in the
art of creating Bonsai. Feel free to bring your own specimen for helpful
tips and tricks! Or you can start your own here!

Saturday, April 12th, 11:00 am
Aaron Dillon of Four Winds Growers will be here to teach you everything
you need to know about citrus trees, including lemons, limes, grapefuit,
and more!

All classes are FREE!
Only at Alladin Nursery
2905 Freedom Boulevard
Watsonville, Ca 95076

Native Revival Nursery – Spring Sale

Get ready for Our Big Spring…..

S A L E !!

February 14, 15, 16

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
10 – 4pm

ALL Plants 20% off

ALL Shop Merchandise 20 – 50% off!!

Native Revival Nursery

2600 Mar Vista Drive

Aptos, California 95003

April 2012 Tips & Events from the UCCE Santa Clara County Master Gardener Program

Extracts from the UCCE Santa Clara County Master Gardener Program news letter.  You are invited to visit their website for more tips and upcoming events.

April Tips

Start your tomato and pepper plants off right
Need help growing what you’ve just brought home from the 2012 Spring Garden Market? Just because you bought them on March 31 doesn’t mean you should run home and put them in the ground! Just how long should you wait? In which part of your garden will they thrive? Exactly how much water should they get and when? You should probably wait until May, but check out our suggestions for Growing Great Tomatoes (PDF) and Growing Great Peppers (PDF).

Did you miss our Spring Garden Market?
Wondering if there’ll be another chance to buy some of our wonderful plants? Good news–the answer is yes!. Mark your calendar for Spring in Guadalupe Gardens, Saturday April 28 starting at 10am.

Harden off all plants you grow indoors or buy
The process of hardening off plants allows plants to adapt from being in a stable, climate-controlled environment to surviving in a changeable, harsher environment. The way to do this is by moving small container plants to cooler environments gradually. Our climate here is not very extreme, so you might first want to put your seedlings outside (out of direct sunlight) and bring them back inside at night. The process should take about two weeks, at the end your plants should be fine spending the night outside and ready for the ground.

Check seedlings for signs of aphids
Plants started in greenhouses are susceptible to aphids because of the warm growing conditions. Check under all leaves, especially the tender new growth. Can you see aphids? Rub the leaves between your finger and thumb. Do you feel anything pop? Aphids are hard to see unless you’re looking for them. Simply remove them by hand or dunk your seedlings in water. Learn more about aphids and how to control them by reading the UC Aphid Pest Note.

If your peach or nectarine leaves are starting to curl, throw them in the trash
By now it’s too late to treat peach trees for leaf curl. But if your trees are susceptible, make a note to apply a copper-based spray after this year’s leaves drop, and possibly again (for severe problems) in February before the spring bloom. For this year, damaged leaves will eventually fall off and should be disposed of in the trash. New leaves that are produced are generally fine, but the vigor of the tree may suffer. For more information see UC Pest Note on Leaf Curl.

Managing soil for your acid-loving plants
It’s time to pay attention to your azaleas, blueberries, camellias, gardenias and rhododendrons, and any other plant that prefers acidic soil. According to an article (PDF) provided by UC’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, “never guess about pH correction. Always have the soil analyzed for pH and for phosphorous and potassium to be sure that correction is needed before making any      application… In home garden situations, pH can best be lowered by the addition of elemental sulfur. For each 100 square feet to be treated, sandy soils will require about 3/4 pound of sulfur for each full pH point above 4.5; loams will require 1-1/2 to 2 pounds; and clay soils will require 3 or more pounds. The acidification process is slow, so treatment at least six months before planting is suggested.”

On a related note, the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension has an article on whether pine needles (and oak leaves) will acidify your soil. “Believe it or not, this is fiction, a myth. Pine needles do not make the soil more acidic. This bit of garden lore is so common that almost everyone believes it, including many professionals.” Check our website for a list of soil testing labs (PDF).

Remember to mulch before the dry season
There are lots of reasons to use mulch in your garden. Mulching plants will reduce maintenance, minimize water usage, equalize temperature and improve soil quality. While we hope for more rain, we need to prepare for the six-month-long rainless season ahead of us.

Codling moth can ruin the delight of biting into a fresh picked apple
Codling moth problems are difficult to manage once you have them. It’s better to keep the numbers low to begin with. If your apples have been affected in past years, refer to the UC codling moth pest note for tips to keep the population down. The best way is by removing infested fruit and the labor-intensive process of bagging fruit. Traps are also available that attract coddling moth. If you plan on planting apple or pear trees, consider looking for a less-susceptible variety.

April is a good time to fertilize citrus
But remember, most soils contain adequate nutrients for productive growth of citrus with the possible exception of nitrogen. Refer to the UC Pest Notes site for suggested application rates of nitrogen. Homemade compost is the best source of food for your entire garden.

Events — Multiple Locations

(Also see listings below for events in North, Central and South sections of Santa Clara County.)

Going Native Garden Tour – April 21 and April 22
Saturday, 4/21, 10:00am-4:00pm, Free
The northwest portion of the tour (Sunnyvale to Hillsborough) takes place on Saturday, April 21, 2012, while the southeast portion (Cupertino, San Jose, etc.) is held on Sunday, April 22, 2012. The tour hours are 10AM to 4PM each day. Register at You’ll get the full list of gardens, addresses and garden descriptions before the tour.

Bay-Friendly Garden Tour
Sunday, 4/29, 10:00am-4:00pm, $10, Gardens throughout Santa Clara County, from Palo Alto to San Jose
Visit a new crop of Bay-Friendly Gardens on this self-guided tour. Over twenty public and private gardens will be featured in geographic clusters throughout San Jose and Palo Alto.Registration is required. After you register, you’ll receive a pamphlet with addresses and garden descriptions in the mail.

San Jose and Central County Events

Hotline and Plant Clinic at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market
Sunday, 4/1, 9:00am-1:00pm, Free, Los Gatos Farmers Market, adjacent to downtown Town Park Plaza, Los Gatos
Drop by the Master Gardeners’ table at the Los Gatos Farmers Market to ask questions, look at interesting specimens through the microscope, and get inspired! Fun and educational for kids and adults.

How to Mulch Properly
Wednesday, 4/4, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Free, Evergreen Branch Library, 2635 Aborn Rd., San Jose
Come learn about mulching, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your plants and soil. Mulch can reduce water loss, minimize weed competition, improve soil structure, and give landscapes a handsome, well-groomed appearance.

Sustainable Vegetable Gardening – A 6-Week Adult Ed Course
Monday, 4/9, 6:30pm-8:30pm, $70, Adult Education Center (behind Fremont High), 591 West Fremont Avenue, Sunnyvale
Join UCCE Master Gardeners for a six-week series about sustainable vegetable gardening. Learn how to grow a successful, environmentally responsible food garden that produces delicious vegetables every month of the year. The course meets in six two-hour sessions, Mondays, April 9 – May 21, 6:30-8:30 PM. Register online at or call 408-522-2700.

Container Gardening
Saturday, 4/14, 11:00am-1:00pm, Free, Berryessa Branch Library, 3355 Nobel Ave., San Jose
Learn the basics of container gardening: soil, water, fertilizer, container materials, container sizes, and common pests. The session will also cover a wide variety of plants that do particularly well in containers.

The Incredible Edibles: Squash, Cucumbers and Melon
Wednesday, 4/18, 6:30pm-8:00pm, free, West Valley Branch Library, 1243 San Tomas Aquino Rd., San Jose
Squash, cucumber and melon are easy, prolific summer vegetables you will love to grow. Join Master Gardener Janet Waagen to learn about varieties and tips on harvesting – including when to harvest squash blossoms.

Growing Peppers
Saturday, 4/21, 10:00am-12:00pm, $25, Prusch Farm Park, 647 S King Rd., San Jose
Master Gardener Jim Maley will give useful advice on selecting, cultivating, and harvesting both hot and sweet peppers that grow well in our area. Registration required: call 408-794-6262.

Container Gardening: Ornamentals and Vegetables
Saturday, 4/21, 10:00am-12:00pm, $15 ($10 members), Guadalupe River Park & Gardens Visitor & Education Center, 438 Coleman Avenue, San Jose
Learn basics of container gardening: soil, water, fertilizer, container materials, container sizes, and common pests. Space is limited, so reserve your spot early by signing up online, via email at, or 408-298-7657.

Fourth Annual Cupertino Earth Day Festival
Saturday, 4/21, 11:00am-3:00pm, Free, Cupertino Civic Center Plaza, 10800 Torre Ave., Cupertino
This is the fourth year for this popular annual event in Cupertino, with information about going green at booths from local businesses and non-profits. Drop by the Master Gardener tables with your gardening questions!

Pay Attention to the Fundamentals
Saturday, 4/21, 1:00pm-3:00pm, Free, Sunnyvale Teaching and Demonstration Garden, 433 Charles St., Sunnyvale
Join us to learn about garden microclimates, taking care of your soil, and more. We’ll discuss a number of important topics to help you establish a good foundation for your garden. A tomato planting demonstration will follow the talk.

Full Circle Farm Earth Day – Come say hi at the Master Gardener booth!
Sunday, 4/22, 11:00am-4:00pm, Free, Full Circle Farm, 1055 Dunford Way, Sunnyvale
Join Full Circle Farm, your friends and your neighbors for a fun day in the sun at the annual Earth Day Fair at Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale. We’re happy to join Full Circle Farm again this year with our Info table, children’s activities and more.

Plant Propagation for the Home Gardener
Wednesday, 4/25, 6:30pm-8:00pm, Free, Vineland Branch Library, 1450 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose
In this talk, Master Gardener Janet Waagen will acquaint you with various types of propagation techniques that you can use, including stem, leaf, and root cuttings, layering and plant division.

The Second Annual District 4 Family Day at the Berryessa Farmers Market
Saturday, 4/28, 9:00am-1:00pm, Free, Berryessa Farmers Market, 1376 Piedmont Road, San Jose
Join us at this community celebration of healthy eating and healthy living featuring over forty family booths, special attractions, and activity booths for children. Drop by the Master Gardener booth with your gardening questions!

Spring in Guadalupe Gardens
Saturday, 4/28, 10:00am-3:00pm, Free, Guadalupe Gardens, 438 Coleman Ave., San Jose
Visit Guadalupe Gardens for our annual spring festival, with 40+ vendors selling plants, garden art, and more. Stroll through the Heritage Rose Garden in full bloom.

Container Gardening
Saturday, 4/28, 12:00pm-2:00pm, Free, Santa Clara Central Park Library, 2635 Homestead Road, Santa Clara
Last session of the month to learn about gardening in containers! We’ll present the basics of container gardening: soil, water, fertilizer, container materials, container sizes, and common pests. The session will also cover a wide variety of plants that do particularly well in containers.

South County Events
Grow Your Own Food
Tuesday, 4/10, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Free, Holistic Moms Network, The Loft Family Enrichment Center, 16360 Monterey Street, Suite 210, Morgan Hill
Learn how to plan, plant, care for and harvest an urban or kitchen garden to bring fresh produce to your table year round, no matter where you live. This is a fun, satisfying family activity!

Spring Garden Detective – What’s “bugging” my plants – or what is that disease?
Thursday, 4/12, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Free, Grange Hall, 8191 Swanston Lane, Gilroy
Master Gardeners will bring a microscope and hand lens to our South County Roundtable for our Spring Garden Detective brush-up. This is a special training for Master Gardeners but the public is warmly invited. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own hand lens and specimens from their garden (in a sealed baggie) for all to observe.

Growing and propagating herbs
Saturday, 4/28, 10:00am-12:00pm, Free, South County Demonstration Garden, Saint Louise Regional Hospital, 9400 No Name Uno, Gilroy
Learn how to grow and propagate your own culinary herbs. We’ll show you how herbs can be combined with your existing landscape, vegetable garden or container garden while attracting pollinators and beneficial insects.